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The Value Proposition and Selling Your Product – Affiliate Marketing

April 26, 2022

The Value Proposition and Selling Your

The old saying goes that you ‘don’t sell hats, you sell warm heads’. What does this mean?
It means that you don’t sell products themselves but rather you sell what the product
can do for your audience.

So if you have an eBook on how to get amazing abs, it’s not the eBook that you’re selling
but the abs. More than that, it’s actually the attention from the opposite sex, the
confidence and the great looks that you’re selling. When you sell an eBook on abs, this is
what you need to focus on.

Likewise, if you’re selling an eBook on making money online, you’re actually selling
freedom, power and status. You’re selling the opportunity for someone to feel freed from
the constraints of their normal jobs and you’re selling them the ability to wear nice
clothes and watches and to feel proud and confident in what they’ve done.

The reason this is so important, is that it’s what will actually help your products to sell.
Know that people don’t buy things that make logical sense to buy. People tend to buy
things on an emotional impulse and on a whim. Thus, you need to push the emotional
buttons of your buyer in order to get them to click that call to action button.

How to Write Your Sales Page

A sales page is a website page that is designed specifically with the intention of selling
whatever it is that you’re trying to sell. There are no links to other pages on your
website, there are no adverts – just one long block of text that grabs attention and sells
the amazing benefits of the product. Of course, this is then interspersed with ‘Buy Now’

The key to a great landing page, is to focus heavily on that value proposition and to get
the buyer thinking and daydreaming about how much better their life will be with the
product in their possession. At the same time, you’re also fighting the constant urge they
will have to navigate away from the page – because most of us have very short attention

The best tip to keep their attention right away then is to use a narrative structure. This
simply means starting your landing page as a story and talking about how you once
didn’t have abs/didn’t know how to plan a wedding/were rubbish a cooking… You lay
this on thick and show that you sympathize with your reader. This gets them reading
and makes it hard for them to turn away because we always want to know how stories
will end. At the same time, it pushes the right emotional buttons. You can also use
rhetorical questions at this point such as: ‘ever thought there must be a better way?’.
These work very well because they force the reader to reflect one what you’re saying and
thereby engage with it. It all makes for very compelling reading.

You can also take this opportunity to acknowledge the concerns that they have as a
reader: explain how your product isn’t just another scam. Talk about your money back
guarantee (most affiliate products offer this) and appeal to facts, statistics and figures of
authority to back up your credibility.

That’s when you hit them with the real value proposition you’re offering and you get
them to imagine and almost feel their life after they make this purchase. Once you’ve got
them vividly experiencing and imaging the product, you finish off with a little pressure
to make them buy right away: this might mean you tell them that the product won’t be
available long, or that the special offer you’re providing will only last for a week. This
makes sure they buy now while they’re emotionally inclined to, rather than going away
to think about it (and realise it’s perhaps not the best way to spend their money).

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