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Route to Market, Solving a Problem – Affiliate Marketing

April 26, 2022

Route to Market

Another consideration here is your ‘route to market’. A route to market is simply a
platform through which you are going to reach your specific target demographic. Say
you have an eBook of knitting patterns, then your routes to market would be:

  • Forums and online communities aimed at fans of knitting
  • Knitting magazines
  • Real-world knitting clubs and societies in your area
  • Knitting websites

Whenever you’re picking your niche, try to think what your routes to market would be.
And like the niche itself, the key here is to find a route to market that isn’t going to be
inundated with competition. If your eBook is the only eBook aimed precisely that this
audience, then it’s going to stand a much better chance of selling.

Solving a Problem

Finally, try to find products that solve very specific problems. If you can do this, then it
will be far easier to point out the advantages of what you’re selling and to make it
appealing to your demographic. Your USP should be something that you can sum up in
just a few words – and this will then allow you to grab attention and really sell quickly
and efficiently.

Another way to look at this is by focussing on your ‘value proposition’…

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